The Blackbird of Kirthgarran

by Susan Brown

Isolated and ill-treated by her father, Keeley Allanson knows she must leave her home in Melrose, Scotland, if she is to keep her spirit from breaking. She makes her plans, only to find Fate suddenly robbing her of any say she has in her future. Her existence becomes entwined with that of Kirthgarran, a proud but money-starved estate in the Highlands still struggling to survive the aftermath of the Jacobite rising forty years before.

It will take all of Keeley’s courage to confront the mixed emotions that the Fergussons of Kirthgarran bear toward her and to create a new destiny. Love will come from an unexpected direction, but it will be threatened by a multitude of secrets, ongoing acts of revenge, and more than one unsolved murder. With her own life in danger she will be forced to decide how much she can forgive those who have wronged her, and just who amongst them--including the man who holds her heart--she will be able to trust.

Set in Scotland in 1787, this is a historical novel...a mystery...and a love story.