Services and Pricing

A new website? How do you begin?


Decide on how many pages you might need, how many images you will be able to provide, and what the purpose and function of your site will be. We will work together to create the "look and feel" of your site.


Details such as colors, fonts, forms, e-commerce, forums, galleries, etc. will be explored and a contract will be drawn up.


A site plan will be developed and we'll collaborate on layout ideas. A template/theme will be designed especially for you, or you may choose to purchase one from another source and have it individualized. Your site will be responsive on mobile devices.


The cost for your new website will vary from $650 to $1000 or more, depending on the content and size of the project.



Design work payment schedule: 50% in advance upon signing of contract, and 50% upon completion.

  • Prices for third-party stock photos and graphics depend on their sources.
  • E-Commerce plugins or extensions may entail additional costs.
  • Buying a domain name and hosting services are your responsibilities, although I will assist you with the process if desired.
  • A slideshow or other animation may incur an added charge, depending on its complexity.
  • Copy editing your text will incur a $40/hour charge.
  • All clients are entitled to up to three revisions of the layout while in the design process.



Design Assistance or Emergency Repair for Websites

Perhaps you're creating your own web pages, or using a free website builder and need a little help with the process, or need something fixed. Email me with your details and let's see what we can do together. Consultation comes first, contract second, and then work is charged at $40 per hour (30 minutes minimum).


Existing Website
A website can be given a whole new look, or only a page or two may need an uplift. A discussion about the changes you envision will determine cost.


Site Maintenance
Monthly site maintenance via contract ensures that pages will be kept fresh and operational, databases and files will be backed up, domain names will be safe, and technical assistance will be readily available at a lower charge.


Graphic Design
All art work is original and designed according to your specifications. If you need a logo, an image, or a design for use on websites, the usual charge is $85 per hour. You will own the copyright. If you need a logo or image edited I will be glad to help.


Administrative Services
If you need someone to oversee your site, and/or perform tasks such as sending newsletters, posting Facebook messages, collecting information with forms, setting up links to other sites, updating calendars, uploading videos, images, or documents, etc., we can create a contract or set up one-time jobs.